DATE/TIME: Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 / 04:30 PM

Twenty Schenectady High School students 14 girls and 6 boys were arrested this morning on various charges after several fights broke out almost simultaneously inside the school.

The skirmishes occurred as a result of a continuing feud between some of the combatants. The incident is not believed to be gang-related. No weapons were involved and no injuries were reported.

The fights occurred at the beginning of the school day at about 7:45 a.m. School personnel and 2 School Resource Officers from the Police Department witnessed the disturbances and, although greatly outnumbered, quickly attempted to restore order. The students arrested refused orders to stop fighting and disperse. Several other officers responded to assist and the police presence in the school was increased for the remainder of the school day. There were no other disturbances.

The following students are charged with the misdemeanors of Riot-2nd degree and Unlawful Assembly:

Justin Belle, 17, of Hamilton Street
Jasmine Bryant, 16, of Orchard Street
Deandre Coleman, 17, of Craig Street
Andre Jackson, 17, of Schenectady Street
Rebecca Jackson, 17, of Mumford Street
Brendan Mitchell, 16, of Catherine Street
Secoya Petty, 17, of Duane Avenue
Kadayah Tarver, 16, of Robinson Street
Omar Turner, 17, of Carrie Street
Amalicia Williams, 16, of Paige Street - also charged w/ the misdemeanors of Resisting Arrest and Obstructing Governmental Administration

10 juveniles (one 15-year-old boy, eight 15-yr.-old girls and one 14-yr.old girl) - petitioned to Family Court and released to their parents

The adult students are in the process of being arraigned in Police Court.