DATE/TIME: Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 / 05:00 PM

The City of Schenectady has implemented an action plan to deal with the impending snowstorm. Although all city operations, including public safety, will be impacted by this storm, Mayor Strattonís administration has taken steps to minimize the impact as much as possible.

Due to the amount of snow that is expected, plowing will be concentrated on the Cityís primary roadways in order to allow public safety vehicles to respond to calls for service. Residents are advised that secondary roads could go unplowed for several days. However, public safety personnel will be able to respond to emergencies wherever they occur.

All normal parking regulations will be in effect during the storm. If possible, vehicles should be removed from city streets to avoid being plowed in. (Effective immediately, Stockade residents can park their vehicles free of charge in the Broadway Parking Garage until their streets have been cleared)

Residents are also urged to keep fire hydrants clear of snow during the storm.

Conditions are expected to be hazardous, so people are advised to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. The cityís efforts to provide the best possible services during and after the storm will be greatly enhanced by the publicís cooperation and patience.

More information is available by calling 382-5279