DATE/TIME: Friday, February 16th, 2007 / 02:30 PM

The City will conduct snow removal operations this weekend beginning tonight at 7 p.m.

During snow removal, parking is prohibited on the effected streets. Vehicles in violation will be ticketed ($30) and towed ($80 plus dig-out charge, and $25/day storage). Free parking will be available at the Broadway Parking Garage, all Metroplex lots, and the City‘¦s employee parking lot at Liberty Street and Broadway.

Snow removal will be conducted from 7 p.m. this evening until 7 a.m. Saturday morning on the following streets:

„« Church St. (State St. to Front St.)
„« Degraff St.
„« Eastern Ave. (Nott Terrace to Elmer Ave.)
„« Front St. (College St. to Washington Ave.)
„« Green St.
„« Ingersoll Ave.
„« Irving St.
„« Landon Terrace
„« North Ferry St.
„« North St.
„« Paulding St.
„« Porter St.
„« Prospect St.
„« Union St. (Erie Blvd. to Washington Ave.)
„« Vale Place
„« Walnut St.
„« Washington Ave.
„« Windsor Terrace

Snow removal will be conducted from 7 p.m. Saturday evening until 7 a.m. Sunday morning on the following streets:

„« Bradt St.
„« Cedar St.
„« Cherry St.
„« Eagle St.
„« Eleanor St.
„« Forest Rd.
„« Foster Ave. (Nott St. to Seneca St.)
„« Front St. (Erie Blvd. to College St.)
„« Gillespie St.
„« Hawk St.
„« Holland Rd.
„« Howard St.
„« Jefferson St.
„« Madison St.
„« Maple Ave.
„« Maplewood Ave.
„« Monroe St.
„« Oakwood Ave.
„« Shannon St.
„« Swan St. (State St. to Maple Ave.)
„« Union Ave.
„« University Place (Union Ave. to Union St.) „« Van Cortland St. (Norwood Ave. to Oakwood Ave.)
„« Wemple St.
„« Willett St.

This information will be available on a recorded information line at 382-5279 and on the Department‘¦s website at

Information about towed vehicles can be obtained at 382-5263.