DATE/TIME: Monday, September 24th, 2007 / 03:00 PM
SUBJECT:Suspicious Fires Under Investigation

Schenectady Police and Fire personnel are investigating a series of suspicious overnight fires on Union Street. From 12:26 to 1:06 this morning, police and fire personnel responded to the following locations:

* 405 Union St. – residential structure fire
* 517 Union St. – trash container fire
* 1007 Barrett St. – trash container fire
* 619 Union St. – trash container fire
* 712 Union St. – residential structure fire

Nearly a dozen Schenectady residents were affected by the fires, many of whom were displaced and assisted by local American Red Cross personnel.

Firefighters Scott Briggs and David Patierne suffered minor injuries at the 712 Union Street fire. Both were treated at city hospitals and released.

Investigators are confident last night’s fires are not related to the September 7th fatal fire at 1039 Barrett Street, which was determined to be accidental.

In response to this series of suspicious fires, the City will deploy additional public safety personnel and will staff the Police and Fire Arson Hotline. Anyone with information on last night’s fires or who observes any other related suspicious activity is asked to call the hotline at 382-1199.