DATE/TIME: Tuesday, October 16th, 2007 / 01:00 PM
SUBJECT:Off-Duty Officer Witnesses Armed Robbery, Makes Arrest

An off-duty Schenectady Police Officer this morning arrested a 32 year-old city man after witnessing an armed robbery of a 72 year-old victim in the CVS parking lot at 839 McClellan Street. Officer Kevin Kilcullen, a 16 year veteran, witnessed the robbery, asked store personnel to call police and then chased the suspect, eventually apprehending him after a struggle in the road on Brandywine Avenue. The victim was not injured.

Kahene Peterkin, 32, of 1006 Eastern Avenue, Schenectady, has been charged with First Degree Robbery and Fourth Degree Grand Larceny. He has also been charged with First Degree Forgery after signing a fingerprint card using a fictitious name. He is being held at the Schenectady Police Department lockup pending an afternoon arraignment.

Peterkin used a knife to rob the victim of his wallet containing cash, credit cards, and personal papers. All items were recovered and returned to the victim.

Kilcullen is a 2003 recipient of the MADD/DWI Enforcement Top Cop Award, one of eleven officers statewide selected for the award that year.